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Bilingual library quiz - second round.

Hello and welcome to this second edition of the bilingual library quiz. I am sure you missed the first one, due to a doublefold reason: last year you were in grade 3 and virtually nobody reads this blog (I am told that we have got four - four!- followers, but it seems to me it is just one of those urban legends...).

The current edition will deal with books again and it will be targeted at students in the bilingual section in year 4. Your task: research all over (our school library, other libraries, the Internet) in order to find the answer to the riddles and enigmas that you will periodically find here... (you are also welcome to read our posts too!).

So, if you are ready to accept the challenge, here goes the first riddle.

Very many books about travelling and travellers have been written, and more than a handful about horrible, terrible trips to the end of the world which their protagonists wished they had never ever started. Our riddle deals with one of them. Read the clues carefully:

  • the author of this book was British.
  • the trip was performed during the first half of the 20th century.
  • its destination was the cause of a certain rivalry between two outstanding travellers.
  • the author's name contains the name of a certain fruit (honest!).
If you decide to enter the competition, post a comment with: the book title (in English), the year it was published for the first time, its author. Do not forget to add your full name and group.

Good luck, riddle-solvers and wait for the next!

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