lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Bilingual library quiz (and it goes on and on...).

Welcome to the next stage in our quiz. This time, the library item you must find information about cannot be read, but you can watch it... The clues are the following:

  • The title of this item is made up of two words.
  • One of them is a number.
  • The person responsible for this particular item was born in France.
 You must post:

  • The title of the item.
  • The name of its director (this is another clue!).
  • The title of the novel in which it is based plus its author (not French).
  • The numbers and letters that appear in the filing label.
You may start posting on Tuesday at midnight. Good luck and wait for the next!


2 comentarios:

  1. Paula,Malina and Andrea10 de mayo de 2011, 18:24

    It is a Film.
    Its name is: Fahrenheit 451
    Its director: François Truffaut
    Title of the novel: Fahrenheit 451
    Its Author: Ray Bradbury
    The numbers and letters that appear in the filing label: Fahrenheit 451

  2. Well done! Some candy is waiting for you. Wait for the next!